Low Volume Roads - links to other technical info

This page provides easy access to a number of international sites of interest to those who

manage low volume road networks

if you know of other sites then please share them with webmater@roads.co.nz and they will be posted here

Global Transport Knowledge Partnership

The Global Transport Knowledge Partnership is an initiative to promote and disseminate

sustainable transport knowledge, whilst encouraging greater participation from the

developing world.

Road Management Website - USDA Forest Service

In January 2001, the Forest Service adopted a new road management policy, which directs the

agency to maintain a safe, environmentally sound road network that is responsive to public

needs and affordable to manage.

Centre for Dirt and Gravel Roads

Created in 2001, the Center for Dirt and Gravel Road Studies is contracted by the PA State

Conservation Commission (SCC) to provide services to PA's Dirt and Gravel Road

Maintenance Program

Australian Road Research Board - ARRB

With over 40 years of independent road and transport research, ARRB Group (formerly ARRB

Transport Research) creates, applies and transfers knowledge.

National Center for Pavement Preservation

The National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP) was established by Michigan State

University and the Foundation for Pavement Preservation to lead collaborative efforts among

government, industry, and academia in the advancement of pavement preservation.

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